A revolution in sports nutrition has arrived, with PILLAR Performance now available for purchase following its launch in early May.

The brand has quickly made its mark post-launch, securing key elite sporting partnerships and being available across sports nutrition stores nationally.

PILLAR’s market-leading sports micronutrient range will now be exclusively available to industry clinicians and high-performance programs through Batch Tested.

Batch Tested – established by award-winning pharmacist and former athlete, Karen Brown – aims to provide simplified access to a comprehensive range of batch tested supplements for tested athletes, dietitians, doctors, high-performance professionals and sport scientists.

Batch Tested also recently announced the appointment of Olympian, Mack Horton as an Ambassador.

PILLAR’s involvement with Batch Tested gives credence to the brand’s commitment to HASTA batch-testing and certification.

Developed in partnership with some of Australia’s leading Sports Dietitians and based on decades of clinical and elite sporting research, PILLAR exists to create an athletic advantage through micronutrition.

PILLAR is home to a range of 10 products that focus on joint longevity and health, muscle soreness and avoidable illness through micronutrition – a practice undertaken in elite sporting programs for decades.

The PILLAR range has been formulated to be safely used by elite athletes with all products third party batch-tested or certified by HASTA (Human and Supplement Testing Australia) in accordance with WADA (World Anti-doping Agency) guidelines.

Given the complexity in complementary medicine and micronutrition, a completely batch-tested or certified range is a market first in Australia.

PILLAR Performance also features another market first – MOTION ARMOUR – a breakthrough joint protection and longevity formulation featuring a market first combination of patented ingredients NEM® and 5-LOXIN® alongside curcumin.

An all natural joint protection formulation, MOTION ARMOUR will not only protect joints, but improve flexibility and relieve mild joint inflammation and pain associated with the heavy physical workload of athletes and elite amateurs.

Founder and CEO, Damien Fitzpatrick said that PILLAR was addressing a significant gap in the sports nutrition market.

“There’s a huge focus across the board on macronutrients when it comes to physical performance and we felt that micronutrients had been undervalued for too long,” Fitzpatrick said.

“Elite programs have been monitoring and managing the micronutrient intake of our leading athletes for decades and have long been crying out for products that better fit their requirements.

“Batch Tested have quickly become the authority in supplements for high-performance programs, we’re really excited to be working with Karen and her team.

“As a former athlete, I know how important these products can be to performance outcomes. We wanted to create a range that had elite outcomes in mind, that was independently tested through HASTA.

“PILLAR champions this ideal and brings that expertise, that elite way of thinking to the market – providing access to a suite of products designed to cover every aspect of micronutrition in relation to physical endeavours.”

Co-founder of Batch Tested, Karen Brown said they were proud to partner with PILLAR to offer athletes and their high-performance teams the latest innovation in batch tested products.

“We are seeing a big shift in the supplement industry, with more manufacturers taking the step to offer batch tested products,” Brown said.

“PILLAR has taken this one step further by ensuring the entire range is batch tested and certified, which is a particularly exciting development.

“Partnering with PILLAR enables us to provide athletes with the most up to date, evidence-based brands while continuing to educate on batch testing and safe supplement use.”

To learn more about PILLAR or to explore the range head to pillarperformance.com.au