A revolution in sports nutrition has arrived, with PILLAR Performance now available for purchase following it’s launch this week.

Developed in partnership with some of Australia’s leading Sports Dietitians and based on decades of clinical and elite sporting research, PILLAR exists to create an athletic advantage through micronutrition.

PILLAR is home to a range of 10 products that focus on joint longevity and health, muscle soreness and avoidable illness through micronutrition – a practice undertaken in elite sporting programs for decades.

The PILLAR range has been formulated to be safely used by elite athletes with products third party batch-tested or certified by HASTA (Human and supplement testing Australia) in accordance with World Anti-doping Authority guidelines.

Given the complexity in complementary medicine and micronutrition, a completely batch-tested or certified range is a market first in Australia.

PILLAR Performance also features another market first – Motion Armour – a breakthrough joint protection and longevity formulation featuring a market first combination of patented ingredients NEM® and 5-LOXIN® alongside curcumin.

An all natural joint protection formulation, Motion Armour will not only protect joints, but improve flexibility and relieve mild joint inflammation and pain associated with the heavy physical workload of athletes and elite amateurs.

Founder and CEO, Damien Fitzpatrick said that PILLAR was addressing a significant gap in the sports nutrition market.

“There’s a huge focus across the board on macronutrients when it comes to physical performance and we felt that micronutrients had been undervalued for too long,” Fitzpatrick said.

“Elite programs have been monitoring and managing the micronutrient intake of our leading athletes for decades.

“PILLAR champions this ideal and brings that expertise, that elite way of thinking to the market – providing access to a suite of products designed to cover every aspect of micronutrition in relation to physical endeavours.”

Fitzpatrick added that PILLAR’s high strength, elite range of products would change the way people approach their nutrition.

“PILLAR’s core range focuses on key areas of joint protection, muscle recovery and immunity,” Fitzpatrick said.

“Our range exists to compliment high performers who already carefully curate their hydration, nutrition and macros as part of an active lifestyle.

“We have partnered with some of the leading global ingredient suppliers and best sport science research to bring PILLAR to the market.

“If we’re at our best then so are our customers. Helping them achieve success – whatever that looks like – is really important to us.”

Already the official partner of three major sporting teams, PILLAR will have further announcements on its entry into the market over the coming weeks.

PILLAR Performance range:

  • MOTION ARMOUR – Joint Longevity
  • ULTRA OMEGA – Joint Freedom
  • GCM COMPLEX – Joint Freedom
  • ELITE CALCIUM – Bone Strength
  • D3 SPORT EFFECT – Training Advantage
  • TRIPLE MAGNESIUM – Professional Recovery (Tablets and Powder)
  • ULTRA B ACTIVE – Peak Performance
  • VITAMIN C + ZINC IMMUNE – Training Advantage
  • ZINC IMMUNE – Training Advantage