Commitment to Clean

HASTA Certified

PILLAR Performance has made a commitment to clean sport and
protecting athletes through its partnership with Human and Supplement Testing Australia (HASTA). 

PILLAR products undergo rigorous third party batch testing. This process gives professional athletes, who are tested in accordance with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines, confidence that PILLAR products have been screened for over 200 prohibited substances.

Currently, PILLAR has five HASTA Certified products – the gold-standard of third-party batch testing – within their opening range, including TRIPLE MAGNESIUM (Powder & Tablets), GCM COMPLEX, ELITE CALCIUM and ZINC IMMUNE.

In addition to the Certified products, PILLAR has a further two Batch Tested products – Ultra Omega and D3 SPORT EFECT – awaiting Certification after the screening of additional batches.

PILLAR is also working with HASTA on the testing of two products – MOTION ARMOUR and ULTRA B ACTIVE – which are Under Development in relation to batch testing. These products have both been screened and show no signs of
prohibited substances, however they can’t be completely tested due to limitations with testing equipment and the complexity micronutrition presents in this setting.

PILLAR has the ambitious vision to have a completely Certified micronutrition range, an unrivalled commitment within this category and are working to meet this goal throughout 2022 as we continue to develop new and innovative products. 

In the last calendar year, HASTA's parent laboratory tested in excess of:

36,000 - racing urine and blood samples for performance enhancing drugs

14,600 - racing blood samples for total CO2 content

16,500 - human urine, oral fluid and hair samples for illicit drugs